During the run-up to last month's iPhone event, I posted a number of stories and predictions that turned out to be spot on. I have been an industry watcher for years, so I have learned to spot the difference between real information and fakes. The iPad event is almost upon us, and it is time for me to gaze into the future and tell you what is about to be wrought upon the world. 

What we know

There will be new iPads. That is all we know. For the iPhone event, there were several things I knew for certain about what to expect for some time before the event. This has been a lightly leaked event. There are still plenty of things we are on the edge of knowing, but we are not quite close enough to make certain predictions. 

For certain, the full-sized iPad will be updated in a major way. It will receive a new body style. It will look so much like the iPad mini, you will not know which is being shown in photos unless there is something else in the photo for scale. Expect a reduction of up to 1/3 the weight. It will be slightly thinner, but certainly enough to tell.  

What we think we know

Almost everything else falls in this category. I expect the iPad to get a major internals upgrade. It will have some variant of the A7 found in the iPhone 5S. It is difficult to imagine the iPad going 64-bit without the addition of Touch ID: Apple's fingerprint authenticator. I also believe the new iPad will come in the same set of three colors as the iPhone 5S.  

The iPad will chart its own course by offering stereo speakers and an improved, rear camera. It will probably inherit the camera from the iPhone 5C. There will still be no rear flash. I hope I am wrong, but late leaks to not support a flash for night shooting.  

We can be certain that there will be some type of update to the iPad mini. However, there is no consensus on whether it will be a minor spec bump, or a full remodel. The only thing the tech press cares about is whether or not it will come with a Retina display. I am going to take a stand and say, yes. The yields will be lower than the gold 5S, but Apple will announce the availability of an iPad mini with Retina display.  

Also included in this high-end model will be the A7 processor and Touch ID. There has been a lot of debate surrounding the availability of the necessary components. It is unknown if Apple has enough supply to put the A7 and Touch ID into iPads. I think they would rather fight the uphill battle of short supply than the media disaster of leaving these features out. The mini is too important to Apple's bottom line.  

From the grapevine

There are rumors of new, TVs ready to ship. That rumor has been around since before the iPhone  event. I cautioned readers about rushing out and buying a new TV before that announcement. Though we heard nothing, I reiterate that caution. I think the rumor is plausible. I believe Apple has been working on a set-top box that could also hand gaming. We know there are bluetooth gamepads for the iPhone in the works. Surly, those are destined for use with the TV.  

I fully expect to see Mavericks announced as ready. I've been using it for a while. It's ready. My best information is that it was going to be released at the end of this month. I believe that timeframe can be moved up. If not released the same day, it will be announced for a simultaneous release of new, Macbook Pros.  They are a bit overdue. We will also get pricing and availability for the new, Mac Pro.

My fever dream

Every prognosticator gets to have at least one flight of fancy. Here's mine: 12" iPad. I believe that Apple has been secretly working on an iPad Pro. It will be the first step towards blurring the lines between an iPad and a Macbook.

The invitation for the event has a cryptic message: "We still have a lot to cover." I have mentioned a lot of items that they might be covering. But it could also be a reference to covers, as in, Smart Covers. a giant iPad would be a lot more surface area to cover. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

David Johnson