Earlier this morning, I reported on the Target, Black friday deal involving Apple's new, iPad lineup. Not to be outdone, Best Buy is getting in on the action. In my opinion, they are still being outdone. 

Best Buy is offering $50 off the $499 retail price of the iPad Air. Target is only offering $20. But Target is also throwing in an additional, $100 gift card that can be used for anything Target sells, including groceries. That makes it more like $379. 

Best Buy has decided to offer its bigger savings on the more expensive, Mac lineup. You can save $200 on a 21.5" iMac, or $150 off a Retina MacBook Pro. These are excellent deals if you are in the market for a new Mac. I find it interesting that Best Buy is offering its best deals on legacy PCs, while Target is all in on post-PC devices. 

David Johnson