On the last earnings call, Tim Cook told us that it's going to be an iPad Christmas. Target is doing its best to make sure that prediction comes true. 

The discounts are modest. But what Target does not give you in discounts, they give you in gift cards. A Target gift card is the same as cash just as long as you spend it at Target. Many Targets, like the one in my town, have a grocery section. The biggest deal goes to the biggest iPad. you will save $20 on an iPad Air, plus, get a $100 gift card. That really is a crazy good deal. The iPad mini is also quite respectable. There is no discount off the initial price, but you get a $75 gift card.  

There are other deals on other Apple products. But really, who cares. This really is going to be an iPad Christmas. The catch is that these gift cards, and the iPads, for that matter, will be in short supply. You will want to get there early and get in line. Anyone sauntering into the store in the middle of the day on Black Friday hoping to get one of these deals, is going to be disappointed. I will let you know as more Black Friday deals become available. 

David Johnson