When you are the Chief Technology Officer for a major operation like Microsoft, you, presumably know something about the technologies that your company offers, and how they stack up to the technologies of your competitors. Nathan Myhrvold is no longer the CTO of Microsoft, but he was. And presumably, still knows something about the comparative merits of operating systems and smart devices. So when it was time for him to choose a platform on which to exclusively offer his own app, his platform and device of choice was decidedly not Microsoft's.

At first, Nathan refused to port his cookbook to any digital form. He was convinced that it would degrade the experience. After further review, he decided that there was one platform that could handle the demands of his creative venture: the iPad running iOS. 

To be clear, I am not promoting the app. I am purposely not mentioning the name of the app, or linking to it in this article. Nathan Myhrvold is no friend to you, or anyone who loves tech. He is the cofounder of one of the biggest patent troll companies in the world. He is truly an unsavory character. I just wanted to point out that, whether friend or foe, when people in the know want to do something meaningful and well, they do it first, and sometimes, only, on the iPad. When it really matters, it's the iPad, or nothing, even for the competition.

David Johnson