The jury has reached another decision in the Samsung v. Apple case from last year. It seems that Samsung is still guilty of being sleazy copyists, and are still on the hook for close to $1B. This time, the question of guilt wasn't even entertained, only the amount in damages resulting from the guilt. Even Samsung started the retrial by admitting their guilt. They just thought the damages should be next to nothing. Everybody steels, right?

The Jury awarded Apple $290B, bringing the sum up to $888B. That is not much less than the original ruling. And it still doesn't matter. Samsung is a long ways from paying a penny. For its part, the jury didn't seem to break much of a sweat over the decision. They're requests from the judge were related to lunch options rather than a clarification of the facts of the case. Seeing Samsung's guilt is easy. Choosing between sourdough and rye, now that's a decision.

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David Johnson