There is no denying it. Touch ID is big, and is set to get a lot bigger. Unlocking an iPhone, and authenticating iTunes purchases was a good start, but everybody knew that the technology could be used for so much more. In a recent patent filing, Apple is showing us how much more they have in mind:

Massive new Apple patent filing details multi-user support, trackpad controls

Normally, I'm not a patent chaser. I see news of interesting paten filings all day, everyday. Newsflash! Apple invents a lot of things! Much of what they file never sees the light of day. However, we already know they are serious about Touch ID, as they have already adapted it for their flagship product. 

According to the patent, Apple wants to use that Home button as a navigational trackpad. Say "good bye" to double clicking the Home button for switching between apps. How does apply a little pressure to the Home button in any direction sound? Think of it as a directional pad on a game controller. 

There is also talk of multiple user profiles that would recognize permissions for individuals in certain apps. Perhaps you have restricted the little one from playing GTA, while allowing the slightly bigger little one to play it for thirty-minutes a day. The iDevice would know which was using it, and seamlessly apply the restriction. 

There is so much more in the article, and in the 612 page filing.  Click on the source link and go nuts. 

David Johnson