Apple's marketing team declare this to be the Friday you've been waiting for. However, there is a good chance the deals Apple has on offer are not the deals you were looking for. They are not exactly placing a lump of coal in your stocking. But they are also not reducing prices on, what will surely be the most popular gifts of the year. Instead, they are offering gift cards so that you can buy even more Apple products. 

If you purchase an iPad Air, you will receive a $75 gift card. Laptops and iMacs are worth $150 in gift cards. Even the iPad 2 and iPad mini (non-Retina) get in on the game with $50 gift cards. However, the two most popular items this season not only get no discount, but no gift card either. Those would be the iPhones and iPad minis with Retina display. 

These are the discounts, or lack thereof, that you should expect from a company that sells as many products as they can make, with a line of people waiting for more. If you are going to buy Apple products this season, and want discounts instead of gift cards, head on over to Best Buy, Target, or some other big box retailer. 

David Johnson