Joe White Target, Walmart Both Report Strong Black Friday Sales, Credit Apple’s New iPads

On the last conference call, Tim Cook said that he thought it was going to be an iPad Christmas. Using Black Friday sales as a leading indicator, it looks like he was spot on. 

Early reports are coming in from the big box retailers. Target and Walmart have both made statements crediting the iPad for their Black Friday success. It was a one-two punch, knocking out all competitors. Target reported the iPad Air lead the way for them. Their generous gift card program was the best offer out there. Walmart, on the otherhand, reported stellar sales of the iPad mini. Perhaps the slightly lower price of the mini had an impact at Walmart. Either way, no competing tablet was even in the picture. 

Mine being a two-iPad household, I can tell you that both products are outstanding. My favorite iPad is the one I happen to be holding at the time, though I don't get much time on the mini. There is no question that the iPad is dominating this holiday's gift list. The only question is which is doing better between the Air and the mini with Retina display. 

Happy online shopping.

David Johnson