This is just a quick post to show how easy, natural, and quick it can be to type on the iPad Air. I am not an exceptional typist. I learned to touch type in high school. That was a long time ago. I demonstrated typing with a sentence from typing class all those many years ago. It is the sentence by which I judge all keyboards. I write complete posts on the iPad Air. It can easily handle your iMessage, email, and note-taking needs. External keyboard, not required.  

I can actually type faster than what you see on the video. The way I filmed it was to have a person holding an iPhone 5S with their arms around my neck, leaning over me. I control the movement of the camera by the movement of my upper-body. Together, we form a human jib for maneuvering the camera. I couldn't really see the iPad directly, and not much better through the iPhone. Such is film-making on a shoestring budget. Those are the conditions I had to demonstrate typing on the iPad Air. Enjoy.

David Johnson

AuthorDavid Johnson