There is good news on the iPhones and iPads for Christmas front, and great news if you don't mind T-Mobile. First, the good news: iPhone availability is as near 100% as it gets. You can walk in or order any iPhone 5c or 5s, and pick it up that day, or have it shipped within 24hrs. The news gets even better...

If you are okay with T-Mobile, you can pick up an iPhone for $0 down. Your monthly commitment with be $22 and change, or $27 and change for an iPhone 5c or 5s, respectively. Naturally, you can pay it off at anytime within the 24 months of your commitment. 

While I am not a big fan of off-contract phones, I do believe in paying for tablets and computers outright. T-Mobile is causing me to rethink that position. Starting today, you can also pick up the latest crop of iPads for $0-down. The iPads range between $17, and $26 per month. If you qualify for the plan, you can pick up any iDevice from T-Mobile with little more than a signature and a smile, and good credit. The smile is not really necessary, but why not? Next month, when things are getting back to normal, pay them off, and get on about your business. I like it. If I didn't already have my iPhones and iPads for the year, I would do it this way. Visit your local, T-Mobile store, and check out the deal for yourself. 

Happy holidays.

David Johnson