Samsung's #Galaxy11 viral ad fumbles when Franz Beckenbauer tweets from iPhone

Once again, Samsung is finding it very difficult to buy a fake fan of its products. Considering the number of craptastic products they sell and give away, you would think Samsung could find at least one customer that genuinely likes using it. Apparently, this task is easier said than done. In other news that shocks no one, Samsung rips off yet another company's creative ad campaign.

The campaign involves soccer, aliens, and Samsung products. Sounds familiar. Just swap Samsung products for Nike shoes. Then, watch the embedded video bellow. Thanks to an Appleinsider commenter for this blast from the past. In the Samsung version, the hero tweets, "The Aliens are getting closer. I've decided we need more players to save Earth. Full #GALAXY11 recruitment story Dec 18!" Response, "I stand with MESSI in the fight for Earth. Football will save the planet!" This cutesy post is signed, "Samsung Mobile". Unfortunately, the metadata reveals, "Twitter for iPhone". Oops! 

Samsung's problem is that they are trying to buy an image. They are trying to buy what can only be earned. They want to be seen as offering the products that all the cool kids have. It kills them that Apple is actually that company, and it doesn't cost them a dime in paid, celebrity endorsements. The cool kids that are seen using iPhones are actually doing so by choice. They paid for their device, and love using it. To date, that cannot be said of any of the celebrities sporting Samsung products. 

And really, Samsung, how about buying an original idea.

David Johnson