Samsung hires Apple Store designer for its own retail efforts

At risk of sounding like a broken record, Samsung is a convicted, shameless copyist of the worst kind. They are a worthless sack of corporate effluvia. Do not defend this seepage of a company. Just behold their despicable works, and despair. 

From the article:

Samsung is said to be planning its own Apple-like retail push across the U.S., as the company recently hired an ex-Apple senior store designer, according to a new report.

The alleged hiring of Tim Gudgel from Apple to Samsung's U.S. telecom unit is part of a "deeper investment in U.S. retail," two sources reportedly told Katie Benner and Jessica E. Lessin of The Information. Gudget is said to specialize in store design and planning, and previously worked for Gehry Partners.

Gudgel's public LinkedIn profile makes no mention of Samsung, but it does mention his previous employment with Apple. The architecture and planning expert is a graduate of Washington State University.

It is important to note that Samsung has already ripped off Apple's store within a store design at Best Buy, for it's own Best Buy store experience. A couple of years back, Samsung used a backdrop depicting iPhone app icons as part of the backdrop of one of their popup stores. To make their commercials feel more like Apple ads, they have hired the same, cute little girl. Now, in an attempt to make their future stores emulate Apple Stores, they have hired the Apple Store designer. Clearly, there is no Korean word for shame.

David Johnson