Alone, this data point probably means very little. After all, it is based on the research of Piper Jaffray, an analyst: a class of pundit that is almost never right about anything. In this case, they looked at 25,000 recent tweets to determine what people were asking Santa for Christmas. More people asked for an iPhone. The second most requested item was a PS4. That does not mean that they will get iPhones, just that they want it, badly. In case you were wondering, the iPad was a close third. 

But wait; there's more. Every year, Google lists the top search terms of the year. This year, the iPhone 5s was the third most searched term. For the record, Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker were #1 and #2. Both of these famous people recently died. Surely, important and newsworthy people should rank much higher than a smartphone. Yet, when people went to Google for information, it was to learn more about the iPhone 5s. 

There have been plenty of signs that the iPhone 5s is a breakout hit. These are just the latest two. For the crowd tech savvy enough to use a Google search or post on Twitter, the iPhone is far and away, the most wanted item. When you think about it, that's pretty amazing.

David Johnson