Bryan M. Wolfe Apple Is Giving Away Some Free Music For The Holidays

For a limited time, Apple is giving you some free music for the holidays. I didn't really need any holiday music, but free is the right price. However, if you think you are just going to waltz on over to iTunes and tap a conveniently located Download button, think again. Here's how to get it:

You will need to make sure you have the Apple Store app for the iPhone. I am not referring to the iTunes Store, or the App Store, but the Apple Store app. If you don't already have it, no worries. It's free. It may still feel like you're in the wrong place. Don't worry. you're almost there. Scroll down till you are almost at the bottom of the page. There, you will see a listing for holiday cheer. That's the one. 

Once you click on it, you will see a complete list of the free tracks above, Download Now, in a green button at the bottom of the page. That will transport you into the area of iTunes where you redeem promo codes. Don't worry. The code will automatically be entered for you. Tap Redeem, and you're done. Almost...

Before you can enjoy your new tunes, you have to wait for them to be downloaded. After that, you have to find them. You like scavenger hunts, right? The obvious location would be the playlist called, "Recently Added". Good luck finding them there. Now, don't you feel silly? Try again. Wrong again! Now, you're just embarrassing yourself. Playlists was the right idea. What you're looking for is Purchased Music. The new songs should be the first eight in the list. Enjoy.

David Johnson