No wonder they’re dead. The clowns running Blackberry literally couldn’t make a good decision to save their corporate lives. They couldn’t recognize a good decision even when it walked up to them and begged to be used. In this case, the good decision was in the form of Justin Bieber. For peanuts, he would have been Blackberries bright-faced, local boy done good, pop-star extraordinaire, international spokesperson. On top of all that, he was a legitimate fan. Now, how much would you pay? If you are Blackberry, you just send that saucy little twerp packing. And that is precisely what they did. Wow!

Now, the Bieb is a well-known, iPhone fan. Better still, He’s an iPhone fan for free. Apple does not pay for fans. Blackberry does. They just tend to pay for the wrong ones. Currently, they pay Alicia Keys to be their pop-star fan. Unfortunately, Alicia has a bad habit of tweeting her love for Blackberry… wait for it… from her iPhone. 

Regardless of what you think of Justin Bieber, he would have made an excellent brand ambassador for Blackberry while he was a fan of the company, and climbing his own ladder of success. The fact that he is an iPhone switcher while at the top of his success ladder, is just another nail in Blackberry’s tightly sealed coffin. 

David Johnson