I tried to stay away from CES coverage; I really did. I'll make this quick, as it makes me feel a bit dirty. The iPad Pro has been a certainty the moment the iPad Air name was unveiled. Naturally, Samsung could not bear to be left out of the party. In an attempt to get out ahead of the wave, they are prepping the announcement of an iPad... I mean, Galaxy note, and Galaxy Tab Pro. 

Clearly, R&D does not mean the same in South Korea as it does in America. There, it means quickly cloning what Apple does when blindsided, as in the gold iPhone 5s and 64-bit processing. It also means to build whatever the Apple rumors suggest before Apple can do it. Samsung's smart TVs were an attempt to get ahead of the much rumored, Apple television set. The Gear anticipates the iWatch. And now, the Tab Pro responds to the iPad Pro predictions. In South Korea, competition translates to copytition.  Unfortunately, there is still no word for shame.

David Johnson