The Verge - Aaron Souppouris Samsung reportedly testing new phone interface with light fonts and pastel gradients

It wasn't that long ago since iOS 7 was first unveiled. It was met with less than enthusiastic reviews, especially from the anti-Apple press core and fan base. Light-weight, thin fonts, gradients without drop-shaddows, the pastel color pallet: none of it was praised. Surely, no one would ever want to copy it. Fools! You've underestimated Samsung again.

The pictures above are not images of jailbroken iPhones. They are leaks of Samsung's upcoming skin. If for some reason you can't see the photos, no worries. Just take a look at your iPhone running iOS 7, and you've pretty much got the gist of it. In South Korea, there is still no word for shame. At least Apple has been able to add one word to the Korean lexicon: lawsuit. 

David Johnson