We already know that Samsung is a master copyist of Apple innovation and design. Apple does a tablet; Samsung does a tablet. Apple puts a fingerprint scanner into the Home button; Samsung puts a fingerprint scanner into the Home button. Apple goes gold; Samsung goes gold. To say, "monkey see; monkey do" is to show a great deal of insensitivity... to monkeys. But Samsung is not just content to copy what Apple has already done. They are determined to arrive first where they think Apple is headed. Samsung's product announcements at this year's MWC provide more examples.

Late last year, Samsung pooped out a smart watch in anticipation of Apple's much rumored iWatch. The product was clearly not ready. They were just trying to get it onto the market before Apple sucked up all the oxygen in the smart watch room. Samsung did their best to produce what they thought Apple was making. It now looks as if they were wrong in just about all of their guesses.

Now, we have a much better idea about what Apple is doing. They have been hiring people from the fitness and fashion industry. We know a lot about what they are working on just based on recent hires. The iWatch is shaping up to be more of a fitness wearable. Of course, Samsung knows that too. Coming as a surprise to no one, Samsung's big reveal is the Gear Fit: a fitness wearable intended to better represent what they think Apple is on the verge of introducing.

But that isn't the only rumor we have been able to track. It is also common knowledge that Apple met with health officials about expected new features in iOS 8 scheduled for release later this year. Additionally, a trail of Apple patents has led us to the conclusion that the next version of the OS will have some type of health tracking feature. For lack of a better name, let's call it HealthBook. Samsung has proudly introduce a new feature for their latest smartphone. Yes, it is a health tracking feature. Everything is done proudly in a land where there is no word for shame.

David Johnson