I imagine that somewhere in the depths of Apple HQ, there is a private party comprised of C-level execs far away from any cameras or reporters, dancing and gyrating to the funky beat of, "Another One Bites the Dust". Admittedly, I have a sick imagination. At the heart of this macabre celebration is the Sony VAIO. Sony has just announced that they are selling off the VAIO line of PCs.

This has particular significance to Apple fans because the VAIO was seen as the only notebook that could compete with the MacBook Pro in design. So good was it, that Steve Jobs wanted Sony to sell a version of it with Mac OS X. As the story goes, Sony refused. They were firmly entrenched with Microsoft, and didn't want to split their attention and loyalties. This death of a major PC brand with excellent hardware chops can be directly attributed to Windows. 

Dell just went private after faltering in the open market. HP tried to sell off their PC division just a couple of years ago. It is believed that Samsung makes no money selling PCs. There are few success stories one can point to in the Windows world right now. Enterprise is still running Windows XP: three generations removed from the current OS. Consumers have rebelled agains two out of the last three, including the current OS. All of Microsoft's partners are suffering because of Windows. 

On the other side, slow and steady wins the race. After 30 years, the Mac is still here, and still great. The tragedy is that Sony could have averted this fate. They could have had a piece of the Mac, and become a part of the success story. RIP Sony VAIO.

David Johnson