While this is not a review of the new nylon bands for the Apple Watch, it is a good time to let you know that the bands are very nice additions to a growing Apple Watch band collection. There are a number of colors. The aesthetic will not suit everyone. But once you see them in person, you are sure to find at least one that floats your boat. They feel great to the touch. You can hardly tell it is on your wrist. Anyone with allergies to the flouroelastimer bands now has a great option from Apple for the same price.  

But this is not a review. It is more of a public service announcement. If you are in a restaurant and happen to get ketchup all over your new Nylon band, and if by you, you mean your wife who decided she really liked the band, and stole it from you the moment she saw it on your wrist... Anyway, if such a mishap were to happen, you might try washing it out with soap under warm, running water. 

If that doesn't work to your satisfaction, you can always take it to the next level. The next time you run the dishwasher, toss it in and secure it so that it doesn't go flying about in there. And when the wash and dry cycle is over, so is the ketchup stain. 


However, a nylon band may not dry as completely as a water glass. If you find that to be the case, you can take care of that with a standard hair dryer on full blast.










Here, I must include a cautionary note. If you are not quite evolved enough to realize that you should take the watch  off before blasting it with fire air, a little burn cream should take care of that problem as well

I feel I've revealed too much.  

The point being that if you happen to have a munged up nylon Apple Watch band, fear not. It is dishwasher safe. 

David Johnson

AuthorDavid Johnson