If you couldn't quite make out the headline, don't worry. Apple has world-beating, accessibility features for low-vision users as well. There is simply no consumer electronics company on the planet that cares as much about accessibility as Apple, and that shows with every release. This time, they are upping their game with regards to hearing aid support. 

Made for iPhone hearing aids are about to start hitting the shelves in 2014. Apple already has a number of settings in iOS specifically for the hearing impaired, and also for hearing aids. Not having a need for a hearing aid at this time, I cannot say exactly what the current support entails. However, there will soon be hearing aids especially designed for use with iDevices, and Apple has had a hand in this technology.

The LiNX line of hearing aids produced by GN ReSound will communicate directly with the iPhone over bluetooth LE, without the need for tertiary streamers that act as intermediate transmitters. I don't know what any of that means. You can read more about it, here:

AppleInsider First fully-integrated 'Made for iPhone' hearing aids are set to hit the market

I'm still waiting for competitors to rip off Apple's commitment to accessibility...