Microsoft keeps telling us that iToys are not useful for anything besides playing games and music. Apparently, they don't know about the iPhones ability to make great video as well, LeAnn Rimes knows, and took advantage of that fact. The stop-motion video shown above, was shot entirely on the iPhone. 

Personally, I do as little video as possible. When I do, it is usually on my iPhone as opposed to my dedicated, video camera. I have never done stop-motion video. But the iPhone is one of the best platforms for doing that type of work. Good stop-motion requires good images. The iPhone is excellent for stills. In the App Store, you will find a number of highly rated apps for doing professional quality, stop-motion video work. 

Those iToys get more impressive everyday. I wonder why I have never seen a report of great content creation being done on a Windows phone or Windows tablet. Hmmm...

David Johnson