AppleInsider                     Doctor completes liver surgery with aid of iPad augmented reality app

Seeing iPads in doctor's offices and hospitals is nothing new. The iPad is the tablet of choice among physicians. Again, not a surprise. People with the resources to choose whatever devices they desire tend to choose products from Apple. What's new is that the iPad has scrubbed, and moved into the surgical theater. 

For the full story, I encourage you to click on the source link, above. I will make a couple of observations. First, this high-tech procedure is taking advantage of the iPad's camera, the weakest component of the iPad. Tablet cameras are notoriously bad, and the iPad is no exception. Yet, even the weakest aspect of the iPad allows people to do amazing things.  

My second observation is that this is all made possible via an iPad app. Don't let anyone convince you that all app platforms are created equally. They're not. This is not a simple matter of app count in the various stores. This is a matter of the best and brightest developers doing their most inspired work are drawn to iOS, not Android, not Windows Phone, Not Blackberry. If they are lucky, one day, those other platforms may get a bad port of what these geniuses have dreamed up for the iPad. The NOT iPads do have one thing going for them. At least their cheap. 

David Johnson