Yes, it was shot entirely on an iPhone. Yes, it was done in 24 hrs. Yes, it is a world tour of awesome. But how did they do it? Apple peels backs the curtain to show us some of the tools and techniques that powers the magic. 

Here's the thing. Even though there are a lot of tools and jibs and booms and scaffolding and structures that you can't pick up at your local hardware store, at the heart of all the mechanisms is an iPhone, not a $7,000 RED camera. A stunt, you say? Sure. It's a stunt, and a great one at that. The real question is, why can't Apple's competitors reproduce these types of stunts? You never see films shot on a Galaxy anything, or bands playing virtual instruments on stage using a Nexus nothing. Doctors are not using Blackberry PlayBooks in operating theaters. It is not the jibs and booms that make this ad possible. It's the iPhone.

David Johnson