Serious question: Has there ever been an instance of a celebrity seen in public using a Samsung product who wasn't paid to do so? The last high-profile use of a Samsung phone you might be familiar with is Ellen DeGeneres's infamous, star-studded selfie during the Oscars. She was paid to be seen with a Samsung phone on stage. At the same venue, when not on stage, Ellen used her iPhone. Samsung has decided that celebrity selfies are a pretty good promotional tool. So they are at it again. You'll never guess who they set up as their latest shill:

Recently, David Ortiz took a selfie with the president of the United States. The picture was taken with a Samsung phone. Normally, this would not be news. What does it matter which phone a person likes to use? Except, in this case, we don't know what phone Ortiz likes to use because he was acting on behalf of Samsung. In fact, Samsung helped with the shot. It is unclear if the president was a willing shill, or just another dupe drawn into the Samsung web of deceit. 

At any rate, we are still on the lookout for an example: any example of any public figure using a Samsung product for no better reason than that they enjoy it. Surely, there must be some instance of a public use of a Samsung product by a person who is not on Samsung's payroll. I'm also keeping an eye out for Big Foot, a yeti, and the Locke Ness monster.

David Johnson