In an effort to counter program the iPhone, Samsung and others, time their new smartphone announcements to be as far away from a new iPhone as possible. Since Apple releases new iPhones in the Fall, Samsung likes to release in the Spring. That gives plenty of time for the hype and interest surrounding new iPhone to dissipate. Samsung gets to own the product cycle for 6 months without any interference from Apple. Their new phone can be the new hotness uncontested by any real competitors. So how's that working out for the Galaxy S5? According to the New York Times, not so well:

In the Battle for Best Smartphone, Apple Still Beats Samsung

But that’s not the whole story. While there are probably some people who go out to shop for the best Androidphone, I suspect that most people want to know which phone is best of all, whatever operating system it runs. In other words, how does the Galaxy S5 compare to the iPhone 5S, Apple’s six-month-old flagship device and the champion to beat?

The answer: Not very well. I’ve been using the new Samsung for about three weeks, and while I do think it is the best Android phone you can buy, it sure isn’t the best phone on the market. By just about every major measure you’ll care about, from speed to design to ease of use to the quality of its apps, Samsung’s phone ranks behind the iPhone, sometimes far behind. If you’re looking for the best phone on the market right now, I’d recommend going with the iPhone 5S.

That is about as bad as the news can get for Samsung. Their best effort just released with features like the fingerprint reader specifically designed to best iPhone, fails to match the quality and desirability of Apple's six-month old offering. Worse yet, the ball is in Apple's court. It shouldn't be too difficult for them to smash this high floater out of the park. Apple doesn't even have to release a new phone to beat the best of Android. The iPhone 6 will be two generations of desirability ahead of Samsung's best. I'm already in line.

David Johnson