I'm not going to lie. I am more excited about the release of the iPad Air than I thought I would be. I always go through a particular kind of madness during iPhone and iPad season. This time, however, there is less to be excited about. Isn't there? Despite the changes to the formfactor and internals, this iPad will allow me to do exactly the same stuff as the last one. So why is it that I find myself to be as giddy as a schoolboy anticipating his first kiss?  

I will be picking one up first thing in the morning. The only open question is whether or not it will be at the Apple Store, or the nearest Walmart. That all depends on what I discover tonight. Or, should I say, this morning. Apple will be taking orders for the new iPad at 12:00 A.M. 2:00 A.M. my time. Naturally, I will be up and at my computer, entering my payment information.

Here's the catch. If Apple is allowing in-store pickup, as has been rumored, and I can pick it up at the Apple Store the same day, I will do that, and head on to the Apple Store at my leisure. If not, I will go to Walmart which is much closer. I'm not going to stand in line. Either way, I will likely head off to the Apple Store to pick up a third-party, keyboard cover, assuming they have them in stock. Let's not forget the Smart Cover.

So, tell me again, why I'm so excited? Is it just the typical iFever I get every year, or is there something about this product that deserves a second look? I've used the mini for a year. It is a fantastic machine. I find it to be just a little too small for me. I borrowed a 3rd generation iPad, and find it to be a little too big and heavy. I guess part of my excitement is about getting an iPad that is, for the first time, just right. 

I'm also a little antsy about availability. I have seen information that should reassure me that there will be plenty of units at all locations. There should be no need to line up and go through any purchasing drama. That said, I think there are a lot of people anticipating this product. I'm pretty sure there will be some pent-up demand unleashed on retails stores over the weekend. Analysts always underestimate how much people really want new, Apple products. One way or the other, I'm getting one tomorrow, and I will tell you all about it in my review this weekend.

Happy iPad Day. 

David Johnson