You will never guess what I just spent the last hour doing. No, really, don't bother trying. After typing up my first post of the day on my iPad Air, I decided to watch an episode of House of Cards, a Netflix original. I sat down in my comfy chair in front of my big-screen TV, and started the show. Here's the thing, I started the show on the iPad. I never once turned on the television. 

I used the Netflix app on the iPad. I told myself that it was ridiculous to watch an hour-long show on an iPad while sitting in front of a 55" television. I figured that if I got tired of holding the iPad, I would just AirPlay it to the TV. Before long, I got caught up in the show. After that, I forgot I was holding the iPad. I was only reminded of it when the show was over. It is not that I had completely forgotten. It is just that it was no longer a factor.

Also no longer a factor are concerns about battery life. I had already been using the iPad this morning. It occurred to me to see how much of the battery I had wasted on Netflix. At the time, I had 92% remaining. That suggests I could write ten articles, and watch ten, hour-long programs before my battery fell below 10%. That's not bad. I guess that means I have plenty left over for a little Candy Crush.

David Johnson