Today, Google has been publicly smacked down by their close partner, Verizon. It all has to do with Google's latest, Nexus 7. When it comes to tablets, Google has delusions of grander, thinking their Nexus 7 is equal to the iPad, only cheaper. Verizon set the record straight in no uncertain terms. This is going to leave a mark. 

Google released the more expensive, LTE version of the newest Nexus 7. The problem is, they didn't consult with Verizon before releasing this model for the Verizon network. Google just figured they would stick the radio in, then release the tablet on the market. Google to Verizon: "We don't need no stinking agreement!" Verizon to Google: "Bite our shiny, metal... err... network!" The actual quote wasn't much different. Jeff Jarvis Tweeted to Verizon, 

Jeff Jarvis         @jeffjarvis

Knock, knock, @VZWSupport, is anybody there? I'm trying to give you money. You're making it hard.  No, impossible. 

Verizon't response was,    
VZW Support         @VZWSupport
@jeffjarvis I'm excited you got your Nexus 7 but not all LTE tablets are created equal. It's not part of our line up & can't be activated^JH
7:35 AM - 17 Sep 2013

 "Not all LTE tablets are created equal." Ouch! You know what LTE tablet Verizon is happy to activate? iPad. Apple worked with Verizon, as it did with all of the carriers it partners with. Google has a history of running roughshod over holders of intellectual property. They will infringe patents, make your copyrighted books public, build YouTube on the back of illegal music distribution, and so much more, only to sort it all out in court if it comes to that. This has been their MO for a long time. Now, they are trying it with Verizon, and Verizon is pushing back. 

Make no mistake about it. Google is every bit a sleazy as Samsung. Neither has any respect for intellectual property, or any other kind, for that matter. This is Google, the company that was fined for collecting your wifi data while innocently, taking Street View photos of your house. 

Just try to remember this the next time you start thinking that all tablets are created equally. According to Verizon, one of Google's closest partners, their not. Just get an iPad.  

David Johnson

AuthorDavid Johnson