Apple put out a number of great products this year. The latest entrant is one that I have not seen, and will likely never be able to put through its paces. I am refering to the Mac Pro released just days ago. Though it does not win this year's award, it is an example of how great the offerings were. If the Mac Pro is the loser, what could posibly be the winner? Let's find out...


Do you remember when Android first came out? Does anybody? The internet has a very short memory, So let this be a reminder; Android was actually in development before the iPhone was introduced. Here is something else you may have forgotten. Android was originally a clone of the Blackberry OS. At the time, the was no iOS to copy. Once the iPhone was unveiled, Google scrapped their Blackberry clone, and started making an iPhone clone.

The i in business is small, and largely goes unnoticed. Yet, it wouldn't be "business" without it. That is the way it is with Apple in the enterprise. Apple is not the first company that comes to mind when thinking about the enterprise sector. Yet, the post-PC solution of choice among businesses is Apple.

Today, Google has been publicly smacked down by their close partner, Verizon. It all has to do with Google's latest, Nexus 7. When it comes to tablets, Google has delusions of grander, thinking their Nexus 7 is equal to the iPad, only cheaper. Verizon set the record straight in no uncertain terms. This is going to leave a mark. 

AuthorDavid Johnson