Are you planning to stuff a few stockings with iPods, iPhones, or iPads? I could sure use a new iMac, hint, hint. Well. Here's the thing. Unlike Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, Apple will actually be selling boatloads of the most sought-after products to people all over the world. If you want to get yours in time, you might want to go ahead and place your order right now. 

Products like the iPad mini with Retina display are in very short supply. Inventory is better with the iPad Air and iPhone 5s. The source link is your gateway to a complete list of products and ship times. You can find out exactly when you need to order your product from Apple  to get it by December 24th. 

You might want to try popping in to your nearest Apple Store. They will have the best supply of all the things on your shopping list. Even if the online store says you have to wait, that may not be the case for your local retailer. 

David Johnson