Fooled you! That's not a MacBook. No really, it's not. That's the latest prototype from Alcatel for their new line of notebooks. 

Yes, it has a silver base with inset black keys and a black bezel around the display. Stop being so superficial! Alright, yes, it also has the signature, buttonless trackpad and the non-standard layout of the arrow keys. But that doesn't prove anything, right? Here is another view of it:


This is clearly a cheap knockoff because... Oops! Sorry. That is a genuine MacBook, only bigger. That's embarrassing, not for me, for Alcatel, and the rest of the copycat industry. They have all just accepted Apple's notebooks as the template. It saves them countless millions on design and market testing. The copying has not slowed down. It has accelerated. This is why Apple's legal department is so big. Love Apple or hate them, you are going to end up with their work. It is the only industrial design work being done in the industry.

David Johnson