Jimmy Kimmel, a late night comedian, tried to give a Sony tablet to an exceptionally bright child. After dazzling the audience with his knowledge and perspicacity, the boy was offered a globe of the world in the form of a puzzle, and a Sony tablet. After a bit of coaxing, the boy took the puzzle, but declined the tablet, saying that he was expecting an iPad for Christmas, and didn't really want the other tablet. This was on of those rare moments of unscripted awkwardness that enters the life of a live TV host. Never work with animals or children.  

Apple has done it again! They have created an ad that makes you think about technology in a whole, new way. Don't get me wrong. we've seen the pencil trick before, but never to this effect. Hiding things behind pencils is a way of demonstrating how thin it is. While it is true that the pencil is used as a visual prank to show how thin the iPad Air is, thinness and lightness of the device was not really the point. It is that bigger, more important point that I wish to address.